Cantaloupe, Mint and Mango Juice

Amazingly Delicious!  I tried this little recipe this morning and loved it.

Cantaloupe, Mint and Mango Juice


1/2 a cantaloupe, peeled, seeded and halved

3 fresh mint leaves

1 mango, halved, seeded and peeled


Process cantaloupe, mint and mango through juicer

Serve and Enjoy!

Try potting your own mint in a pot indoors our outdoors.  Typically Lowe’s, Home Depot or Walmart carry herbs this time of year.  This way you can use your own mint in a variety of recipes.


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2 thoughts on “Cantaloupe, Mint and Mango Juice

  1. This sounds wonderful! I just cut a huge bunch of chocolate mint from one little potted plat and was wondering if it would be good to juice! Thanks for the idea. I have watermelon right now, so I’m thinking watermelon mint might be wonderful, too.

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